Dr. William Hutto Speaks to Club

20160119WilliamHuttoOn January 19, Dr. William Hutto (left), Airport and Aviation Center Director, spoke to the Auburn Lions Club about the airport. Auburn University offers educational programs in Professional Flight Management, in Aviation Management , and in Aerospace Engineering, using the airport facilities. Also newly approved (first in the nation) is a program in Unmanned Aircraft Systems Flight. At the facilities level, the airport is in the midst of building hangars for corporate airplane storage and maintenance, and recently completed a new airport terminal. The airport is limited in the size of airplanes that can use the airport by runway length and also by runway loadbearing capacity. On busy weekends (major football games) the airport will have more than 100 planes arriving and leaving. It also gets heavy use in recruiting students for flight related programs and for athletics. Pictured with Dr. Hutto is Club Vice-President Keith Ryland. For more information, call 334-844-1942.